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Luxury Chromebow

Luxury Chromebow

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Welcome to Enchanted lustre! Where all items are hand made and made to order ❤️


The very first fluorochrome, multichrome and duochrome palette in the market:

The Luxury Chromebow Palette!

This stunning palette contains 5 Multichromatic, 5 Duochromatic and 5 Fluorochromatic bold & blendable pigments.

These pressed pigments are very unique, and are not easy to obtain (which is why it is a little pricier than our other shadows). These incredible pigments shift colours under different lighting! And it’s absolutely magical if you just wear one colour.

- The palette is not magnetic however the pans are. If you wish to have the pans seperated from the palette (not glued in), this can be optional in the checkout.

- The updated version of this palette now contains shade names on the back of the palette.


- 15, 26mm pressed Multi-dimensional pressed pigments;

*Incognito - Fluorochrome deep blurple

*Atlantis - Duochrome dark blue to light blue

*Mystic Prism - Multichrome blue/purple/pearl foil-like, multi highlighter and eyeshadow.

*Malibu - Fluorochrome hot pink with a touch of purple

*The Craft - Duochrome bright green with a red reflect

*Amethyst - Multichrome bright purple base with a pink/orange reflect

*Cockatrice - Fluorochrome orange with a purple shift

*Wildberry - Duochrome berry red with a golden shift

*Holy Prism - Multichrome rose gold flakey foil shadow

*Venom - Fluorochrome yellow with a red reflect

*Phoenix Reborn - Duochrome orange with a green shift

*Magic Olive - Multichrome olive green to deep purple light shifter

*Cyberpunk - Fluorochrome purple with a green reflect

*Frozen Berry - Duochrome red with a bright blue reflect

*Magic Plum - Multichrome deep plum to shimmer deep blue

All ingredients in this palette are vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, talc free, highly pigmented, natural and blendable.

Ingredients in Eyeshadows - Mica, iron oxides, propyl alcohol, coconut oil, purified vitamin E oil, vegetable glycerin, phenoxyethenol & ethylhexyglycerin (plant based preservative).

* Pre-Orders are now open! Therefore please allow up to 8+ weeks to receive your order

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