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Dragon Prism 3

Dragon Prism 3

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Welcome to ELC! where all of our cosmetics are handmade and made to order.


This highly sought after palette contains 15 multi-dimensional pressed pigments called our 'Prisms'. The Prisms are the main pride and joy of ELC. They are unique in the sense that are all very shifty in colour and the pigments are of the highest quality. They are also vegan and cruelty free (hence the higher than normal price tag). The formulation of the Prisms are designed for beginners to professionals of makeup application. All you need is a flat top brush for a subtle look, or your finger for a more intense/brighter look. This palette was originally inspired by Dungeons and Dragons, and all things enchanting.

The palette consists of 3 foil/flakie type formulations that melt into a 'wet look' multichrome, 1 pure holographic type and 11 pigment type formulations that dont dissapoint in the sparkle department.


- Please note when purchasing the palette or bundle option; this is an approximate timeframe on when it will dispatch. This is put in place so you may reserve your desired purchase and have a better understanding on when to expect your delivery

- The palette is not magnetic, however the pans are. You have the option to have the pans seperated from the palette (please email us if you wish for this option - otherwise it will arrive glued in). 



💚 Necro prism - inspired by undead dragons - a satin finish poisonous green with deadly purple/grey undertones. Popular choice for the every day necromancer. 

💚 Crystal Prism - inspired by the dragon who lived in a giant green crystal fortress with it's treasure - a melty flakie bright green with violet/silver undertones. Perfect as a highlight or topper. FLAKIE TYPE

💚 Emerald Prism - Sparkling like the jewel itself, this dragon is absolutely magnificent. This shade has a deep purple/red/black undertone to it's true emerald shine. A melty flakie shade that turns into a sparkly wet look when blended. FLAKIE TYPE

💜 Sapphire Prism - a fluorescent dark purple base mixed with a multi dimensional royal blue. The golden flakies make it appear like a starry night. Inspired by the Dragons of the night court 🌹🌌

💙 Chromatic Prism - A magnificent display of purple, pink, green, gold and blue. Inspired by a midnight rainbow - observed only when flying with dragons in the middle of the night 🐲🌈

💜 Moonstone Prism - A soft iridescent blue/green sparkle with a bright violet base. Inspired by the heavenly dragons that live within the clouds 🌫️🌌

🖤 Shadow Prism - a wet look blue/red/purple inspired by the dragons that lurk in the shadows. FLAKIE TYPE

🤍 Diamond Prism - a true Holo pigment that elevates any look with the ✨sporkle ✨ you desire. HOLOGRAPHIC TYPE

❤️ Radiant Prism - Brilliant green to red with a touch of purple. Bright and sparkling like a dragons scales

💛 Topaz Prism - Light golden sheen with an aqua twist. This shade is a dragons treasure.

💜 Sea Prism - Inspired by sea dragons that can swim and glide under the water and leap into the sky. This shade twists from blurple to light blue.

❤️ Ruby Prism - Like the fire in the heart of a dragon, Ruby glistens a warm toned rose gold to pink. 

🩷 Faerie Prism - Hot pink with a purple orange undertone, this shade is inspired by Dragons amongst the fae.

🧡 Sand Prism - found deep sand dunes, Sand dragons are a soft orange shade with a subtle pink sheen. 

🧡 Pearl Prism - A fluorescent orange pink with a green blue sparkle. Pearl dragons are the most colourful types. 



All ingredients in this palette are vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, talc free, highly pigmented, natural and blendable.

Ingredients - Mica, iron oxides, propyl alcohol, coconut oil, purified vitamin E oil, vegetable glycerin, dimethicone, cyclomethicone, Isopropyl mysristate, phenoxyethenol & ethylhexyglycerin (plant based preservative).

* Pre-Orders are now open! Therefore please allow up to 8+ weeks to receive your order.


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