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Dragon Prism 1

Dragon Prism 1

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Welcome to Enchanted lustre! Where all items are hand made and made to order ❤️


From our much anticipated ‘Dungeons, Dragons & Duochromes’ collection:

The Dragon Prism Palette!

This stunning palette contains 6 Multichromatic, satin finish shadows and 3 Multichromatic, foil effect/wet-look shadows.

Our prism shadows are very unique, and the pigments used are not easy to obtain! These incredible pigments shift colours under different lighting! And it’s absolutely magical if you just wear one colour. These luxurious shadows will come with a hand crafted ‘Dungeons, Dragons & Duochromes’ inspired palette with embedded dragon scale embellishments, and holographic Swarovski crystals. Oh and did we mention that the entire palette is Holographic?!

Palette + Prisms Includes:

- 6 26mm Multi-Chromatic pressed pigments;

1. Myth Prism - our most powerful spell, and even a more powerful eyeshadow. Myth Prism shifts from teal-pink-purple! How beautiful!

2. Fire Prism - a Dragons Fire is the most magical thing about these incredible beasts. Fire Prism shifts from Green-Gold-Red!

3. Heart Prism - Dragons heart and molten lava, this spell casts a powerful ‘lovesick’ upon user. Shifting from pink-red-orange, you’ll be the queen of hearts!... as well as dragons.

4. Astral Prism - Extra-planar and extra-gorgeous. Astral Prism casts a hypnotic blurple-red upon user. How Extra-terrestrial.

5. Solar Prism - Solarprism is a true shifter, hot pink-maroon-gold. Very magical! Caution: will blind foes with ‘FABULOUS!’

6. Soul Prism - A dark green energy that erupts from within a poisonous dragon. Soul prism is a ‘soul trap’ emitting a green-gold-purple shift. Watch out!

- 3 26mm Multi-Chromatic pressed foil/wet-look pigments;

7. Space Prism - Space Prism will have you in the stars, a gorgeous pink-blue shifting foil. Inspired by dragons flying in the night sky.

8. Hyper Prism - When your dragon is in ‘full throttle’ mode, it’s flame notably changes from orange to pink. Kind of like a firework display! Only sparkly-er!

9. Electric Prism - Watch out! This dragon has SPARK! And it’s golden-green breath will truly ‘Electrify’!

- Handcrafted ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ inspired magnetic palette which will fit 9, 26mm shadow pans OR 4, 36mm highlighter pans.

All ingredients in this palette are vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, talc free, highly pigmented, natural and blendable.

Ingredients in Eyeshadows - Mica, iron oxides, propyl alcohol, coconut oil, purified vitamin E oil, vegetable glycerin, phenoxyethenol & ethylhexyglycerin (plant based preservative).

* Pre-Orders are now open! Therefore please allow up to 8+ weeks to receive your order.

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